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Black Belt Grading 2010

Saracen Martial Arts together with the United Kingdom Martial Arts Federation hosted the 2010 National Black Belt Grading last weekend Sunday 16th of May. It was the largest Black Belt contingent SMA have ever selected for Grading with fourteen candidates making the final cut. Five 1st Dan, four 2nd Dan, one 3rd Dan, two 4th Dan, one 5th Dan and one 6th Dan candidate. The Venue, as it has been for the last four years, Barnham Broom Country Club in the County of Norfolk. Examinations were carried out as they have been for the last twenty one Years by  Grand  Master   Roy  Stanhope.

Focus1 Ready for Action1

Awaiting  the arrival of the Black Belt Examination Board

Tom Bate Tom Bate 1st Dan

Tom Bate Graduating for his 1st Dan Black Belt

Billy Carlton

Billy Carlton receiving his 1st Dan Black Belt from Grand Master Roy Stanhope. Billy scored the highest mark on the day, scoring a 9/10 for two of his techniques,  something that has only been equalled a handful of times in the last 20 Years !

Billy Carlton 1st Dan1
Jack Latoy 1st Dan

Jack Latoy and Matthew Reeve having collected their Black Belts and Certificates from Grand Master Roy Stanhope 8th Dan.

Mathew Reeve 1st Dan
Chloe Reeve1 Chloe Reeve 1st Dan

Chloe Reeve Graduating for her 1st Dan Black Belt

Christopher Reeve1
Christopher Reeve 2nd Dan
Pete Bate2
Helen Woods2

Here we see Christopher Reeve along with his Father Mark Reeve Graduating for their 2nd Dan Black Belts. Then pictured below we have all four of the Reeve Family that graded this year ! Mark, Christopher, Matthew & Chloe.

Reeve Family1

Here we see Pete Bate Graduating for his 2nd Dan Black Belt. This was another Family celebration, as Pete’s Son Tom also Graduated for his 1st Dan Black Belt today. See pictures above.

Helen Woods 2nd Dan

Here, Brian Hunter the ‘wise owl’ of the Class of 2010 is seen receiving his 3rd Dan Black Belt  Graduation from Roy Stanhope 8th Dan. Some say Brian has now reached his peak, however Brian says “see you in four years !!!”

Brian Hunter1
David Land3

A very special day for David Land, in more ways than one !!! Not only did he receive his 4th Dan Black Belt Graduation, but he also proposed to his long time Girl Friend Helen Woods 2nd Dan Black Belt ! The really good news is Helen said YES !!!

Mark Reeve1
Mark Reeve 2nd Dan
Pete Bate 2nd Dan

Helen Woods Graduating for her 2nd Dan Black Belt Helen battled with an injury niggle during her Black Belt Training, however she rose to the challenge on the day and passed with flying colours.

Brian Hunter 3rd Dan
David Land 4th Dan
Lynne Robb Lynne Robb 4th Dan

Yet another Family affair ! Lynne Robb receiving her 4th Dan Graduation with Lynne’s Husband 5th Dan Black Belt Master David Robb keeping a watchful eye

Chris Hemstock 5th Dan

Chris Hemstock left, with his Certificate and Master Ian Soame right, being congratulated by Grand Master Roy Stanhope 8th Dan Black Belt on Graduating for his 6th Dan Black Belt.

Ian 6th Dan, Roy 8th Dan

Hemstock’s Celebrate their 10th Dan Grade !

Hemstock = 10 Dans
Pass Out 2010

 Chris Graduating for 5th Dan Leonie Hemstock 2nd Dan, Union Flag Bearer 2010 Harriet Hemstock 3rd Dan Senior Coordinator 2010   were at hand to be the first to congratulate their Father.

Class of 2010 Pass Out

The Class of 2010, the largest Graduation Team (14) of Dan Candidates since Saracen Martial Arts was established in 1985.

Norwich Sportspark Black Belts

Success for Students that Train at the Norwich UEA ‘Sportspark’

Skirmish Team 3

James Robinson 3rd Kup left & Lewis Collyer 2nd Kup right part of  ‘2010 Skirmish Team’