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Club Grading 08/05/10

With a compromised Late Winter (March) Grading date, due to a double booking of the Grading Venue, there were fewer than normal Grading Candidates for the Spring (May) Grading. The short Training period between Gradings reflected in the lower than normal pass marks. There were also far more partial pass marks than normal too. We’re sure the Instructors will turn this all round before the August Grading and normal service will be resumed, (no pressure Instructors !) with the expected high pass rate that has been witnessed at resent Gradings. This Grading also saw new Holding Areas made available to SMA. This means we as a Club incur more costs, however to have a small training area and a comfortable seating area for parents and  friends we feel as a Club this is  money  well  spent :)

Student Count Lewis Redwood

Students being counted and readied !

Lewis Redwood Grading for Blue tab

Jeff Collyer

Jeff Collyer

Self Defence3

Self Defence


Toby Campbell

Kasey Campbell Seniors at the Ready

Kasey Campbell preparing for Blue T

Elisha & Toby

Elisha Smith & Toby Campbell

Brown & Black Tabs

Divya Bhagavathula at the ready !

Virtual Tae Kwon Do

Armaan Mondol controlling things !

J T Axe

Senior Grades Georgina Hemstock, Robert Gudgion and Lewis Collyer.

Georgie Hemstock1 On a mission

Georgina Hemstock Grading for her Black Tabs, and passing too !

Collection of Belts Success

Orange Belt Candidates being congratulated and collecting their New Belts !

Junior grading3 Senior grading3

Group pictures from the Junior and Senior Gradings May 8th 2010.