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Club Grading 08/08/09

A slightly later than normal start due to a ‘Ladies Self Defence Assessment’ saw Mrs Emily Davison-Cripps and Mrs Jacqueline Inglis pass the assessment with flying colours. A twelve week course they started back in May ended with both ladies reaching the expected standard set by SMA & UKMAF.  For more Information contact : Chris Hemstock - 01508 - 530573 / 07917 - 304667

Examiners & Instructors
Junior Line Up.

Students line up in the morning  to be assessed by the Examiners.

Henry & Alex Alex & Dilan

Self Defence, an area we as Instructors take extremely seriously went very well as demonstrated here by Henry Robinson Orange Belt (cadet grade) and Dilan Johnson Yellow Belt.

Are you ready Free Spar1

The Sparring Section gets underway with opponents all of similar size and equipped with safety equipment, kickers, hand pads, groin guards and gum shields, with head guards as optional. All contact is kept light and an emphasis on skill is encouraged.

Billy T Hook Oliver J Side

Senior Grades have a ‘Breaking  Section’, here we see Billy Carlton attempting ‘Turn Hook Kick’ and young Oliver White attempting ‘Jump Side Kick’. Both students were grading for their 1st Kup. Both students passed with good marks. Billy scoring one of the highest marks ever recorded at a SMA Club Grading 71% !

Crossed Legs A Lesson

Junoir and senior grades receieve results and general comments.

Belted ! Results1

The student’s presentation of new belts and tabs. The reward for hard work and dedication over the last few Months :)

Morning Grading & Examiners.1 Afternoon Grading& Examiners.1

Saracen Martial Arts Club Grading August 8th 2009