Awarded United Kingdom’s Top Martial Arts Club 03, 09,10,11 & 2012

Club Grading 10/05/08

Junior's Ready

Junior grades line up and get ready for their warm up.

Junior grades perform their Patterns during the Grading.

Results time Colour Change

Results and rewards for a mornings hard work .

OK Guys, get ready for a change of colour !

Joey Mills Devon Boyd Barry Wells

From left to right : Joey Mills, Devon Boyd and Barry Wells receive their belts and tabs. Congratulations !

Rafael Stronza Robert Gudgion Joanne O'Neill

From left to right : Rafael Stronza, Robert Gudgion and Joanne O’Neill receive their belts and tabs. Congratulations !

Axe Kick Jump Turn Axe Kick

Here we see Steve Monkhouse during the Senior Grading in the afternoon performing ‘Axe Kick’ and ‘Jump Turn Axe Kick’ while attempting to pass his Brown Belt .

Bouchard Punch Bouchard Kick

David Bouchard performing the ultimate test . How powerful are your techniques ? Delivery of a technique against a solid object ! With the exact amount of force, not enough or an incorrect delivery and the object remains intact. To much force shows lack of control ‘over kill’ so, the pressure is on, can you deliver the perfect strike ?

Senior's results

Senior Grades await results .

David Bouchard
Steve Monkhouse

Steve Monkhouse Brown Belt.

Edward Rear

David Bouchard and Edward Rear receive their Black Tabs.