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Club Grading 12/02/11

The first Grading of 2011 breaks all previous records for the number of Students attempting new Grades at an SMA Club Grading. We also see Students grading for the first time from the Spooner Row Primary School Venue, with much success too. Saracen Martial Arts would like to wish them all a warm welcome and hope that all students under the Saracen umbrella had a successful day. Included in the collection of photos this time are some pictures from the Pre-Grading held in Attleborough at the Sports Hall the Saturday afternoon before the Grading. For more information on Pre Grading & Grading dates, go to Grading Info or ask your Instructor.


Pre Grade Attle Feb 2011 Pre Grade Attle Bend Over Feb 2011

Attleborough Pre grade at the Sports Hall see over 50 Students benefiting from extra training the week before the grading !

White Belts at the ready Begin
Nervous start Ready

White Belts & Red Belts get the morning started, a group of Students with loads of enthusiasm and energy, Fabulous !

Yellow Belts to be Squat thrusts

Yellow Belts to be, being put through their paces ........

Examiners Harriet & Ian
Take down

Green Tab & Green Belts to be, get underway just after Mid Day. A packed Grading that kept the Examiners extremely busy !!! However, as usual their experience and expertise carried them through and the programme stayed to schedule

Anna & Lydia
Up ended

Harriet & Ian were also kept busy with the Green Tab & Green Belts to be ! Anna Renwick and Lydia Sosa are seen here going through the paces for their Self Defence, being watched by the rest of the Grading Candidates and the Examiners of course !

Seniors at the ready1 Presentation time

With another large grading in the afternoon and the Examiners stretched, only one picture was taken of the Seniors in action ! Students sit and await the results and presentation of the Belts.

Junior Grading9

Junior and Senior Group pictures taken at the end of the Morning and Afternoon Gradings. Success tastes sweet when you know the challenge has been beat ! Congratulations from all the Examiners and Instructors :)

Senior Grading8
Aldous's & Hemstock

And finally, Chris Hemstock is seen here with Alex & Joshua Aldous who train at the Long Stratton Venue, having just passed their Brown Tab Grading. Well done Boys :)