Awarded United Kingdom’s Top Martial Arts Club 03, 09,10,11 & 2012

Club Grading 14/05/11

The second Club Grading of the Year has taken place. Saracen Martial Arts would like to welcome Students from Wymondham Robert Kett Junior School to their first Grading. We hope their experience was a pleasant one. They can be forgiven for thinking that things were rather busy, as yet again this Grading has surpassed all others that have gone before ! Yes that’s right this was the largest grading to date ! The Senior Team would like to congratulate the Examiners that made it on the day for dealing with the numbers so admirably. Well done ! They’d also like to welcome Lewis Collyer into the fold and congratulate him for doing such a fine job of Instructing on the day. His talents will be much needed come the August Grading as David Land 4th Dan will be away with his new Bride Helen Woods 2nd Dan  on their honeymoon :) This Grading was also quite unique. There were TEN Students Grading for their 1st Kup ! That’s the Grade before Black Belt ! If successful they all qualify for the Black belt Grading in May 2012 !

Yellow Steady Go !!! Fellow Yellow Mellow..........

Yellow Belts put through their paces as the day gets under way

A Waiting Game1 Anticipation before the Graduation !
Grading in waiting

The Morning Grading finished ahead of schedule again ! Students and their Families are seen waiting for the big moment. Below, a Group photograph.

Junior Grades await their moment patiently and quietly.

Junior Grading11
The Blue Crew Blue Blur

Blue Belts crack on with the days proceedings .......

Reverse Punch Brownies

Brown Belt and Black Tab Candidates get under way. The entire Grading is in Korean and physically the Black Tab Grading will be the hardest they engage with. For Black Belt they’ll have less to do physically, however they have a psychological battle to over come which only the Student can conquer.  The Black Tab Candidates have also completed a two part thesis. A thesis of their own choice to do with Martial Arts and also a thesis on ‘What is Tae Kwon Do ?’

Swift Brown rest
Ready1 Spear Hand
Pile of Palm Fist Elbow or not Elbow

Candidates perform their Pattern at the Grading.

Press Ups Sit Ups
Done ! Bish Bash Bosh !

That’s seven sections complete, finishing with a stamina test ! Now for the Sparring, get padded up guys :)

Pad Up Face Your Partners

Students padding up with protection equipment and preparing for their Sparring section. Face your Partner........

Free Spar2
Spar !

As always the Grading draws to an end with the traditional breaking section which see’s Students attempting to break three different thicknesses of board made of toughened plastic with a central break point. The Challenge awaits. 

Free Spar too

As always, Sparring is performed under close supervision, with partners being matched for size and gender. Everyone is expected to wear the appropriate protection, including Gum Shield, Groin Guard & Pads.

Take a Break !
Stretched Senior Grading

Students line up for the celebratory photograph. Congratulations to all the successfull Students. If you qualify, see you in August ! :)