Awarded United Kingdom’s Top Martial Arts Club 03, 09,10,11 & 2012

Club Grading 14/08/10

The Summer Grading was upon us and the year still felt so young ! Another Grading with over one hundred candidates, so everyone was preparing for another long day. The Senior Instructors continue to examine the days preceding, and strive to introduce improvements. The May Grading saw the introduction of the comfortable seating area for Parents, Family and Friends with the use of the John Jarrold Suite. The adjoining room was used as a training/warmup area. This Grading saw the adjoining room also being used for the Self Defence, again as a Club always trying to improve the events of the day. This certainly seemed to speed up the days preceding as the final group pictures were taken at 17:00hrs. This being nearly a whole hour earlier than the May Grading !

Morning Line up1 Yellow Belt Grading

The Morning Line up followed by the Yellow Belt Grading.

Green Tab Grading Chest Blocks

Green Tab Candidates performing Groin & Chest Blocks .

F1 Speed

With ‘F1’ speeds being used, everything was becoming a blur !

At the Ready1

Students preparing to perform their Grading Pattern


Sitting comfortable ? Students from the morning Grading anticipate their Grading results..........

True Colours

Students true colours always stand out at Gradings and this Grading was no different, with some exceptional pass marks.

Junior Grading Group
Front Kicks

This is a Green Tab Grading, 7th Kup ! Check out some of those Front Kicks !!!

Being Assesed

Students being assessed by the Examiners.

Parents Apprehension.

Parents anxiety is reflected in the faces looking on, as they wait for the results to be unveiled..........


Having been awarded their new belts/tabs, Students realise celebrating their success is imminent !

Callum Beard

The end of the morning Grading finished with the traditional group photograph and smiles all round ! One Student, Callum Beard had a very different smile, one of his teeth fell out during his Grading ! Unfazed Callum carried on and passed his Grading. Callum’s tooth had an appointment with the tooth fairy later that night !

Lynne's Lunch

Lunch time saw some of  the Instructors bow to temptation and indeed SMA & UKMAF Dan Grading Examiner Lynne Robb 4th Dan Black Belt ! Lynne brought the keys to her ‘Tuck Shop’  knowing that unlocking the doors, would indeed satisfy the needs of some of the chocaholics amongst the Instructors/Examiners ! 

Blue Belt Grading Brown Tab Grading

The afternoon Grading saw the Senior Grades put through their paces ! The Blue Belt 4th Kup Grading was of particular high standard, with some exceptional patterns (poomse) performed. Once again expectation levels were high and the Seniors certainly raised their game !  Well Done Guys :)

Attention Smiling Instructors

Senior presentation, with the usual high standard of etiquette shown by the Students, may have forced the smiles from the Instructors faces !!! Nice to see Guys, keep it up !!!

Senior Grading Group.

Once again the afternoon saw the Grading finish with a group photograph and very happy Students. Well done and congratulations to everyone who passed their Grading and if you qualify, we’ll see you on November 13th for the final Grading of the year !