Awarded United Kingdom’s Top Martial Arts Club 03, 09,10,11 & 2012

Club Grading 14/11/09

Morning Line Up.. White Belts at the Ready..
Let the Grading Begin..
Line Up too..

The Morning line up saw new records set in students grading on the day. With a slightly delayed start, the first grading got under way at 10:20hrs. Harry Corder 2nd Dan Black Belt and Grading Assistant is seen patrolling the ranks, be sure to  stand still and in line or Harry’ll be handing you Press Ups !!!

Back Stance Head Block
Self Defence2 Self defence Marking

Students performing Blocks and Self Defence during the Grading at the Norwich Sportspark UEA during a beautiful autumnal morning.

Sml  Benjamin Elven - Reverse Punch

Benjamin Elven Reverse Punch

Sml Double Chest Block

Double Chest Blocks

Sml Thomas Marrison - Chest Block

Thomas Marrison Chest Block

Sml Kit Neil - Levitation

Kristian Neil Levitation

Sml Anya Messent - Chest Block

Anya Messent Chest Block

Sml Matteo De Micco

Matteo De Micco Shadow Sparring

Sml Chest Blocks Sml Head Block

Students performing Chest Blocks & Head Blocks at the Double !

Sml Push Ups Sml Matteo - Thomas - Benjamin one handed press ups !

 Press Ups !    Not with two hands !!    Only use one !!!

Sml The Exaniners
Sml Marking

 Examiners marking away and sharing a light hearted moment.

Instructors & Examiners
Examiners & Instructors...

The Instructors & Examiners, a  Stern Old Bunch they are, but very fair indeed ! :)