Awarded United Kingdom’s Top Martial Arts Club 03, 09,10,11 & 2012

Club Grading 20/03/10

23 Line Up 24 Smiling Line Up

The morning grading saw record numbers for the second grading in a row. Registration was changed and seemed to get the morning flowing better than previous grading’s. More positive changes are in the pipe line for the May grading too !

01 Twenty One Red Bottles....... 02 Warm Up

Red Belts at the ready, lined up along the wall like bottles waiting to fall ! However, soon they were roaring to go !!! Obviously the calm before the storm !

03 Warmed Up 04 Very Smart

Front and Centre Dressed to Impress & on a Mission for Orange !

05 Punches 06 Patterns

Ok the show is on the road and those Red’s are ‘Smokin’ !!!

07 Ready 08 Ready to Start
09 Kiai Punch 10 Groin Block

Red’s performing their Patterns for the Grading Panel !

11 Go !!!
12 The power of 'Qi'1

And here, the Red’s show the speed of leopard, then experience the Power of ‘Qi’ pushed upon them by the Grading Panel !!!

14 Chop
15 Finish1

Bring on the Yellow Belt candidates and patterns please .


16 Punches 17 Guard Up
18 Kicks 20 Busy Punches

Yellow and Green Tabs candidates ‘tearing up the strip’ you guys really were fired up for the challenge  (really good to see, keep it up)  !!! With Wei Wei Wang scoring highest marks of the day !!!

21 Double Knife Hand 22 Knife Hands

Green Belt candidates take to the floor with an obvious increase in standard and ability for all to see ! Well done guys :)

25 Junior Grading 25a Junior Grading

The Morning Grading draws to and end with a group photograph and congratulations go out to all the students that reached their target grades. The next grading is approaching fast, so heads down and work hard for that next level. Good Luck !!!

30 Line Up 31 Smiling Line Up

The Senior Grades line up for the reception of the Grading Panel. With the highest grades of the day attempting Black Tabs, Sisters(Megan & Lauren Robb), they know they’re in for a tough time !!!

26 Kicks 27 Axe Kick1

Senior Grades swinging their way through their kicking section !

28 Paige Roberts

Sisters Paige and Morgan Roberts performing their Patterns during their Blue Belt Grading at the Sportspark, Great Britain’s largest indoor Training facility.

29 Morgan Roberts - Side Kick
32a Senior Grading 32 Senior Grading

Senior Grades showing off their new colours. Congratulations to all :) A BIG BIG shout out to Megan and Lauren Robb well done !