Awarded United Kingdom’s Top Martial Arts Club 03, 09,10,11 & 2012

Master Dinner 2010

Having become very much tradition over the years, the Masters Dinner is held the evening before the Black Belt Grading. The dinner is only open to existing Black Belts and their partners. It’s a very relaxed evening where existing Dan Grades have the opportunity to meet and chat with Grand Master Roy Stanhope. Traditionally Master Soame always puts together a trivia quiz, which is always greeted with tremendous enthusiasm ! With such marvellous prizes available to the victor, the competitive side of all the Black Belts tends to surface and it’s become quite an achievement to lift the laurels for the evening !!! This Years Masters Dinner Quiz Champion was David Bouchard 1st Dan .

First Timers Meeting in the Lounge area
Dinner awaits Gorgeous

 Rendezvous area as always is the Lounge of Barnham Broom .

Cheers Dinner
Masters Dinner Yum
Helen's Dessert

Dinner is served in the Bickerston Suite which allows us the privacy we desire, somewhere we can converse with delightful company and divulge in rich desserts away from prying eyes and the paparazzi ! However on this occasion Helen Woods and SMA were caught with there guard down !!!