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Masters Dinner 2009

Once again the Masters Dinner took place the evening before the grading. The traditional 'Master's Meal' is enjoyed by all, with our special guest Grand Master Stanhope. The meal is open to 2nd Dan candidates and above (obviously we would not want someone to see the chief examiner first in this social environment before they have earned their place at the table !). The partners of instructors and candidates are also are guests and along with the other attendees are 'treated' to Master Soames traditional 'fun quiz' during the meal. Always light-hearted and mildly controversial this tradition is welcomed with the expected groans and banter. With the candidates and Grand Master Stanhope retiring at a sensible hour, the Instructors of Saracen traditionally burn the midnight oil, reflecting on the preparation and the day to come (as well as putting the world to rights !).

Copy of Master Soame
Copy of Master Robb

Round one of the infamous Masters Dinner Quiz is under way.

Copy of Dinner Time Copy of Serving
Copy of Danielle wants Chicken Copy of Maria

Dinner’s served along with  warm conversation and fine wine.

Copy of zzzzzzzz Copy of M&M's
Copy of Tracy Copy of See No, Hear No, Speak No.
Copy of H,H,G. Copy of ladies

Some of us take the opportunity for a cat nap, others spend a moment or two in deep thought, possibley on how certain sons will do tomorrow at the Grading ! Mean while, Masters and Mistresses are smiles all round, while ‘See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak no Evil’ attempt they’re own version of the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’. Georgina Scanes 2nd Dan and Harry Corder 1st Dan for one more day at least look a little apprehensive. And ladies you’re looking as Gorgeous and as Beautiful as ever. :)