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Attleborough High School Training Thursday 16th February 2012. Due to Half Term and the High School closing at 16:00hrs the Training has been moved to Attleborough Sports Hall for this one session. Starting at 18:00 hrs and finishing at 19:00hrs.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Chris Hemstock.

2010 UKMAF Award

Master Ian Soame with his Watton Club Students posing with the 2010 United Kingdom Martial Arts Federation First Place Award. This is the third time SMA have been presented with 1st Place, and this is the second year running.




Norfolk Show004


Hingham Play-group
Lincoln Hall
22nd July 2008

Dear Chris Hemstock,

                 We are writing to thank you once again for your contribution at our summer fete. Your continued support of Hingham Play-group is very much appreciated.
The fete was held on the 5th July, and was well attended by the community. We were able to raise 1,217.16. Thanks to the generosity of companies and individuals such as yourselves. The money will be used to improve our toys, equipment and resources for the children. We shall also be making a deposit into our Difficulty Fund to help families with financial difficulty with the cost of sessions for their child which helped to make a real difference to every child and their family who receive assistance.

Many thanks for your continued help and support. If you would like further information about our fund-raising or any other aspect of the group, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to pencil in the date for next years fete, it will be the 4th July 2009.

Yours Sincerely

All at Hingham Play-group.

Gladiators Ready !!!

Saturday the 12th of July 2008 saw a friendly get together at the Watton Sports Center for 30 or so Students from SMA’s various venues. Unfortunately the above pictured ‘Tempest’ was held up in traffic and couldn’t make it !!! Still Dave Robb, Ian Soame and Chris Hemstock were there so she wasn’t really missed !!! It was a really good turn out and a laugh a minute ! To watch fully grown men struggle with balance on what the youngsters  made seem extremely easy was absolutely hilarious !!! And when Organizer Ian Soame decide to draw himself up against, lets just say, opponents that weren’t old enough to shave and still came out losing, it was quite amusing to say the least ! Better luck next year Ian.

 The day saw five teams created and all gave themselves original names ! ‘Spartans’, ‘Fire’,’ Legion of Doom’, ‘Watton Worriers’ and ‘Centurions’.

After many bouts, which included different strategies such as Intrigue, Patience, kamikaze and Shear Brawn, and sometimes out and out assault, but all in good humor Threw up a shock result, somehow, surprising as it seems ‘Spartans’ didn’t win !!! But came in third.! the runners up were the ‘The Legion of Doom’ and the Winners of this exciting, fun packed afternoon were believe it or not ‘Fire’ !!! Kind of eerie when you look at the advertising picture above !!!  In hindsight, if there was a team called ‘The Extinguishers’ the fire may have been put out !

Congratulations to Team Fire............

Team ‘Fire’

1st Place


L to R rear : Scott ‘Captain’ Nunn, Tracy ‘ Flame’ Hemstock, Aaron ‘Double A’ Hunter, Brian ‘Huntsman’ Hunter. L to R front : Georgina ‘St George’ Hemstock and Christopher ‘Superman’ Reeve.

Team ‘Legion of Doom’

2nd Place

'Legion of Doom'

L to R : Elliott Stronza, Andy Stronza, Gareth Colins, Dave Land, Dave Robb and Helen Woods.

Team ‘Spartans’

3rd Place


L to R : Chris Hemstock, Harri Hemstock, Zoe Bouchard, Mark Reeve, Matthew Reeve and at the front Henry Garner.

Team ‘Centurions’


L to R : Lynn Robb, Lauren Robb, Billy Carlton, Keiron Ponting, Dave Bouchard and Ian Soame

Team ‘Watton Worriers’

'Watton Worriers'

L to R : Leo Hemstock, Pete Bate, Tom Bate and Trevor Pratley. And at the front Daniel Pratley.

The Stage is Set

Legion of Doom V Centurions

Henry V Georgie

Spartans V Fire

Watton Worriers V Legion of Doom

Legion of Doom V Fire

Leo WW V Helen LoD

Tom V Andy

Legion of Doom V Centurions

Landing the Hunter

Centurions V Fire

Legion of Doom V Fire

Sponsored Board Break




Members of Saracen Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do) Watton class held a sponsored
board break event recently and managed to raise 421.40 for East Anglia Children Hospice (EACH).

The sponsored event was organised by Black Belt Candidates Mark Reeve, Christopher
Reeve and Pete Bate, for the benefit of their training/grading, at the same time raising money
 for a worthwhile cause.

Club members, some as young as 6, had fun smashing boards under the watchful eye of Saracen’s Chief Instructor, Ian Soame 5th Dan. “With an event like this everyone is a
winner – the students have an enjoyable session learning to smash boards, the Black belt candidates gain and of course, our chosen charity receives much needed funds”

The photograph catches the moment Black Belt Candidate Pete Bate hands over the Cheque
 to Lindsay Wise of EACH, surrounded by Watton Class members.

Report by, 

Ian Soame 5th Dan
Saracen Martial Arts