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Self Defence Course

Saturday 29th March 2008 saw a very constructive course which focused on two of the attacks in the self defence section from the syllabus, the punch and the shoulder grab. The main focus for the afternoon was on how to comfortably deal with the punch which seems to cause the greatest problem in this section. Once all had got to grips with effectively blocking the punch we could move on to two of the take downs and again look closely on how to improve them. Everyone then got the chance to try out the improvements on everyone and to see how different opponents react. Special mention to Freddie Bate for proving that with the right technique plus determination and attitude size doesn’t matter.

The shoulder grab we worked on two different locks, a figure of four lock and a wrist lock both very effective, before taking the opponent down to the ground. Time ran out all too quickly in what was a very enjoyable session I will be putting on another course soon so listen and look out for details. 

Dave Robb 4th Dan

Mark & Billy Robbing a Nunn ! Stamped Flat !

Billy Carlton 4th Kup, Mark Reeve 1st Kup, Scott Nunn 1st Dan, Lynn Robb 3rd Dan, Michelle Rogers 2nd Dan and Maria Corder 1st Kup all endulge in the art of defending one’s self.

Sweeping Up ! Compromised.......

Freddie Bate 10th Kup gets to grips with Harry Corder 1st Dan and Billy Carlton

Floored ! Floor Introduction !

Maria Corder takes down Michelle Rogers, only to have a taste of her own medicine with bells on from Black Belt Michelle.

Two birds with one stone ! We raise you up ..........

Freddie Bate kills two birds with one stone, only to find the Phoenix rise from the ashes and introduce Freddie to levitation !!!