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All Instructors and assistant Instructors teaching the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do on behalf of Saracen Martial Arts are fully qualified and insured :-

Qualifications for an Instructor :-

Minimum qualification for Assistant Instructor – Technical grade of 3rd Kup or above, plus UKMAF Coaching course level 1 (includes first aid qualification).

Minimum qualification for club Instructor – Technical grade of 1st Dan Black Belt, plus UKMAF Coaching course level 1 (ditto).

Minimum qualification for Senior Instructor – Technical grade of 3rd Dan Black Belt, plus UKMAF Coaching course level 2 (ditto).

Minimum qualification for Chief Instructor – Technical grade of 4th Dan Black Belt, plus UKMAF Coaching course level 3 (ditto).

Insurance for Instructors :-

All Instructors to have personal Insurance Cover, as with all students of Saracen Martial Arts.

Additionally All instructors to Carry public Liability Insurance, with a limit of Indemnity of 2,000,000.00. To be arranged through UKMAF , Master Policy Number 21520902.

Class Methodology :-

Warm up :-

All classes to begin with a suitable warm up , duration and nature of which should vary dependant on Climate, Class Content and student ability. However it should be suitable for the least able student in the class – The intention is to leave this to the discretion of the Instructor, who would rather have students spend a few minutes too much warming up than too little.
Typical Warm up Summary :-

Joint mobilisation
Pulse raiser
Dynamic movement
Class Specific Warm up

Class Content :-

Typically Class content will revolve around the Grading Syllabus for the majority of Classes. Additionally an Instructor may hold ‘feature’ classes to focus on specifics, such as Advanced Self Defence (senior grades only), Stamina Training, Strength Training, Competition Training (Patterns and Free Sparring) and Suppleness Training, to name but a few.

Method :-

The Instructor will employ suitable methods to teach students the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do. With due regard to learning process, this may entail multiple methods of teaching , for example :-

Regimental ( up and down the hall, to the count of the Instructor)
Partners (with a suitable partner, ditto, or ‘freestyle’)
Group work  ( with similar grade students, ditto or ‘freestyle’)
Individual ( Own space, ditto or ‘freestyle’)

The Instructor/s (possibly with the help of Assistant Instructors) should be monitoring all the students to ensure safe and correct technique, being mindful of space available and hazards (including other students). Correct coaching technique should be employed at all times.

Warm Down:-

All Classes should finish with a suitable warm down, dependant on the class content and student ability.
For senior/advanced students Instruction on Suppleness training and developmental stretching could be introduced at this time.

Instructor Debrief:-

If necessary the Instructor should carry out a concise debrief for the students. This time can also be used to mention forthcoming events and present awards/ certificates.

Instructor Log:-

An essential tool for the Instructor is his ‘Instructor Log’. This regularly updated (at least every 4 weeks) document has essential information about the students ,including any disabilities, Insurance Monitor, Age and Emergency Contact Telephone Numbers.
New Students will be asked to complete a ‘Temporary Membership’ form which provides this information and highlights the fact that Tae Kwon Do is a ‘Contact Sport’.


All Instructors teaching in School or Education buildings are required to complete a Norfolk Police Check, Carried out by the National Identification Service and have the document available for inspection by Authorised personnel of the School or Education Service.

This Method Statement was last Updated by Ian Soame, Chief Instructor (Technical Grade – 5th Dan Master) on 15th July 2004.

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