Awarded United Kingdom’s Top Martial Arts Club 03, 09,10,11 & 2012

Student of the Year 09

Student of the Year features many sessions, some of which include Bag Work, Self Defence and Sparring. Unfortunately this year the Photographer arrived late and therefore we only have photographs of the Sparring session, which is the last session of the afternoon.

Black Belts The Gauntlet

Above the Black Belts (13 of them on the day) prepare for  ‘Running the Gauntlet’.

The Students Meeting Opponents

The Students prepare for ‘Running the Gauntlet’ then they meet and greet their opponents under the watchful eye of  Master David Robb. Don’t let the title of the challenge put you off. Saracen Martial Arts find themselves in the extremely enviable position of being able to host events with many Black Belts present.This can only benefit the Student.We can therefore have every Student Sparring many different Black Belts in one afternoons session, today every Student engaged 12 Black Belts !

Natalie Copeman Chloe Reeve Lauren Robb

Three of our Female Senior Grade Students, left to right : Natalie Copeman 4th Kup, Chloe Reeve 1st Kup & Lauren Robb 2nd Kup.

Running the Gauntlet
Black & White
Land Fill
Natalie's taking the Bate
Everyone has a Black Belt Rise to the Challenge

Above, everybody gets a Black Belt to test their own ability and their new found skills. What better test ?

Below are a few of the Black Belts that were present on the day.

Christopher Reeve

Chris Reeve 1st Dan

Pete Bate1

Pete Bate 1st Dan

Steve Monkhouse4

Steve Monkhouse   1st Dan

Edward Rear1

Eddie Rear 1st Dan

Helen Woods1

Helen Woods 1st Dan

David Land1

David Land 3rd Dan

Harry Corder1

Harry Corder 2nd Dan

Maria Corder1

Maria Corder 1st Dan

Ian Soame1

Ian Soame   5th Dan