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Summer Ball 11/07/09

Saturday the 11th of July 2009 saw Saracen Martial Arts celebrate the achievement of reaching 100 Dan Grades. Quite an impressive land mark by any bodies standards. We haven’t created a production line of cardboard cut outs. The Clubs emphasis is on Quality. The quantity of 100 Dan Grades is a reflection of the test of time. With over 60 1st Dan Black Belt passes in the club to date, another centenary is not far away, and needless to say there’ll be another celebration to mark that achievement too. Many of the Guests have had a break from training, for one reason or another, but to spend an evening going over old times was delightful. Can’t beat a little nostalgia now and again.

Copy of Rogers Party Arriving.

The arrival of the Rogers party

19 Dan's Between Them

19 Dan Grades between them

42 Dan's Between Them..

42 Dan Grades between them

61 Dan's Between Them

61 Dan Grades all together !

Copy of Gentlemen

All the ladies, all the Gentlemen and their respective partners.

Copy of Table 1

Table 1, the Soame Party.

Copy of Table 2

Table 3, The Hemstock Party.

Copy of Table 5

Table 5, The Rogers Party.

Copy of George & Scott
Copy of Steve & Adam
Copy of Table 3

Table 2, the Robb Party.

Copy of Table 4

Table 4, The Land Party.

Copy of Table 6

Table 6, The Hemstock’s Other Party.

Copy of Steve & Tim
Copy of Maria.

And a delightful evening was had by all, good food, fine wine and the best company !  Roll on next year !