Awarded United Kingdom’s Top Martial Arts Club 03, 09,10,11 & 2012

UKMAF Awards Dinner

Manchester was the location for the 2011 UKMAF / UKASKO Technical Committee Awards and Presentation Night . With one award in particular putting all other awards in the shade. The evenings events were organised by UKMAF’s Coaching Assessment Officer Kevin Barlow 7th Dan, who’d been very stealth like in his organisation skills and informed people on a need to know basis only. Needless to say the recipient of the main award of the evening was kept well and truly in the dark !!! The Senior Team of Instructors from SMA, Ian Soame 6th Dan, Dave Robb 5th Dan and Chris Hemstock 5th Dan accepted their invitation with open arms. After all five years has past since SMA had made what was a yearly pilgrimage to Manchester, the City that’s seen so many of our Students reach the coveted Black Belt.  This journey was to witness and applaud the presentation of Grand Master Roy Stanhope’s 9th Dan Black Belt !

Red Carpet1

The Hotel where the Senior Instructors stayed had obviously been notified of their imminent arrival as they rolled out the red carpet for the special occasion !

UKMAF Dinner Conversation

The evening got underway with everyone gathering in the dinning room and sitting at their respective tables. Much conversation and catching up with old friends preceded a very tasty and plentiful dinner.

Epsom & Ewell Karate Table Gentlemen

The Epsom & Ewell Karate Club Table, with Chief Instructor Julius Manyoni 5th Dan and some of the guests Ian Andrews 4th Dan, Steve Langbridge 4th Dan, Gordon Anderson 4th Dan and  Howard Mordecai 1st Dan.

Saracen Table

The UKMAF/UKASKO Table with UKMAF/UKASKO Chairman and Grand Master Roy Stanhope 9th Dan, Kevin Barlow 7th Dan, Neil Kenyon 3rd Dan with  their partners and Guests.

SMA Table

The Saracen’s Table with Chief Instructor Ian Soame 6th Dan, Senior Instructor Dave Robb 5th Dan, Senior Instructor Chris Hemstock 5th Dan, (behind the camera) Dan Grading Officer Lynne Robb 4th Dan and Mrs Soame.

Roy Stanhope 9th Dan


Roy Stanhope & Kevin Barlow

Here Chairman and Grand Master Roy Stanhope  is seen receiving his 9th Dan Award from the Technical Committee’s Representative Kevin Barlow 7th Dan

UKMAF Technical Committee UKMAF Tech Team
Tech Team UKMAF Team Tech UKMAF

And finally, the first ever group pictures of the UKMAF/UKASKO Technical Committee which include, Roy Stanhope 9th Dan, Kevin Barlow 7th Dan, Ossie Rowe 6th Dan, Ian Soame 6th Dan, Mike Tattersall 6th Dan, Gareth Edwards 6th Dan Julius Manyoni 5th Dan, Dave Robb 5th Dan, Chris Hemstock 5th Dan, Steve Langbridge 4th Dan, Gordon Anderson 4th Dan, Garry Lewis 4th Dan and Lynne Robb 4th Dan.